First Review! The Minna Limon

When I was looking for a new, high quality vibrator, I waMinna Limons still new to sex toys. I started doing research reading reviews and comparisons to find one that would suit my needs. I read all about rumbly vs. buzzy vibrations and pin-point vs. broad stimulation, patterns and vibration settings, internal and external. At the end of all the reading (but let’s be honest, there will never be an actual end) I just didn’t know what my vulva would enjoy. I purchased the Minna Limon because it looked like a great toy to experiment with and discover what my stimulation preferences might be. After months of owning this toy, although it has taught me quite a bit, I still remain on the fence.

The Limon is a palm-size lemon shaped vibrator with a little nub at one end, and the charging bit at the other. Unlike most vibrators, the Limon is different in that to increase or decrease vibration intensity, you manually squeeze the air-cushion sides rather than scrolling through settings via buttons. This leaves any combination of intensities and patterns up to your imagination. Once you find an intensity or pattern you like, press the center button to record it, and then again to lock it so you don’t have to manually squeeze anymore. It charges via a magnetic stand, and could probably be used as some sort of night light, as it blinks when charging, and stays lit up when fully charged. Not that you’ll need to charge it often, this guy’s battery lasts for ages! I go weeks without charging it with frequent use (like, at least twice a week). The Limon is also waterproof, covered with silky body-safe silicone and the vibrations are very quiet, making this ideal for discreet use.

Minna Limon Charging PortThe toy definitely delivers some good vibrations. When I first used it, I remember squeezing and thinking “ohhhhh so this is that ‘rumbling’ everyone talks about” and looking at my shitty old buzzy thing knowing it was destined for the garbage (or to be recycled! In Canada I know Come As You Are has a program). While those rumbles feel great on whatever body part you decide to use it on, because of the design your hand will be vibrating too. While this isn’t a horrible feeling, it is certainly a distracting one that takes your attention away from the bits you’re trying to stimulate. It can’t really be avoided, although it isn’t as bad when on the locked setting.


Despite my hopes for the Limon, it just doesn’t quite match up with my Minna Limon Size Comparisonanatomy. My clit is buried. Like, REALLY buried. It nestles itself under the clitoral hood, and then further snuggles under a little crinkled blanket of labia minora. Using the Limon is difficult and requires two hands. One to operate the device, and the other to spread my labia in order to reach my clit. When my clit is exposed, it hates pinpoint stimulation. It’s too much for it to handle and makes me cringe, but without it exposed, its hard to manipulate the limon to provide the right type of stimulation, and I’m still not sure what exactly the “right type” is for me. I found that my favorite ways of using the Limon on its own is either just cramming it up against my bits and using the whole thing as broad stimulation, or placing the tip right above the clit and pressing down, but one move and that perfect position is gone, so using this toy on its own often turns into frustration. Most of the time, I use it coupled with other toys. Vibration is well and good, but coupled with anal stimulation like a butt plug or g-spot stimulation with a penis or dildo is the way to go for me.

If it weren’t so expensive (find it at Good Vibrations for around $120), I would recommend the Limon for the same purposes I intended it for. It’s a great toy for exploring if it works well with your anatomy. You can use the side of the toy for broader stimulation, or the nub on the end for more pinpoint action. You can discover if you like low or high intensity vibrations, a constant rumble, or varying patterns. I would say that this is a great first vibrator, and if I were Minna, I would lower the price and market it as such. It looks friendly, and comes in cheerful magenta and teal colors. I almost want to put it in my future child’s Easter basket. Perhaps my favorite thing about the Limon is how it connects you to your body. When you use your fingers or hands to masturbate, you adjust pressure and speed based on reading your body’s reactions and responding to increase pleasure, something that is important with those new to self-pleasure. Similar to this, the little air bags use your hand pressure to change the vibrations. Although toys with buttons can be maneuvered and repositioned, to me the Minna Limon seems like a bridge between using just your hands to using toys.

Bottom Line

Personally, I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it. The Minna Limon might work for you if you have a more exposed clit, or are new to vibrators and want to explore. It has a range of sensations, and is a step up from manual masturbation. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’ve had a few vibrators already, aren’t a fan of patterns, or get hand cramps easily. If The Limon sounds like your thing, you can purchase it from Good Vibrations. If you like the air pressure technology of the Limon but want something that can be used internally as well, the Ola might be a good choice for you!

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