The Tantus Ryder

Tantus Ryder

First let me share a bit of personal glory by saying that I was able to insert the Ryder from a cold start on the very first try. It’s a medium sized toy, measuring 3 (insertable) inches lengthwise with a width of 1.5 inches, and although it isn’t the largest thing I’ve put in my butt, it’s the largest thing I’ve put in my butt without a warm-up.

The Ryder is made of high quality silicone, but since I purchased it from the grab bag section of the Tantus website, it has a small imperfection. This cotton candy pink plug has a shiny finish on most of its surface, but a small patch of matte on its top side. This neither affects its use nor cleaning, only marring aesthetics. It’s an attractive, unassuming plug that sports a classic shape. With a rounded tip to prevent poking, it slowly tapers to a larger middle before smoothly transitioning to a smaller diameter before the rectangular base.

20160502_125031 20160502_125019Comparison of matte silicone patch (left) and normal shiny silicone (right).

20160502_141049Despite its size, I had no problem inserting this plug. The Ryder went in smoothly with some Sliquid Sassy lube, and removal was equally easy. Once inserted, the Ryder is quiet about its presence. My butt muscles usually like to play with plugs a little more, but perhaps because of the size or smooth shape I didn’t experience my usual clenching and relaxing that I’ve come to love. Because of this, the first time I used to Ryder I didn’t like it. I used it paired with my Minna Limon (a clit vibe), and then wore it for a little while after. That little while after was supposed to be testing for long term use, but I soon had to take it out since it made me feel an intense need to defecate. The following times I tried it for long term use went much better. I felt no need to poop. However, the highly-praised comfortable base unfortunately didn’t live up to the hype. It ended up digging into my quite large buttcheeks. It wasn’t painful, but it was definitely uncomfortable. After a while the plug itself became moderately uncomfortable as well. However, I am unsure whether this is simply because I’m not used to the size.  After all, I’ve never had something this large in my bum for that long. Experiencing a degree of soreness after having a large object in your butt for a while is quite logical.

The Tantus Ryder has been the first plug with which I 20160502_124747am able to have vaginal stimulation while wearing. My vaginal entrance and butthole are very close together. Usually, bases of plugs are too large and too stiff to allow vaginal stimulation with a dildo or penis. The Ryder’s base is large and does intrude on my vaginal entrance, but is also so flexible that it gets out of the way. During intercourse, this translates to my partner’s penis pressing against my g-spot a little extra than usual, which (with additional clit stimulation) results in orgasming much more quickly. It also provides a slightly more snug fit for him. The only discomfort was an occasional “pop” sort of feeling from his penis flipping the base up or down, although this didn’t happen too often.

Honestly, I feel like an outcast for not loving the Ryder. Don’t get me wrong, I like it, but I’m just not enamored as many other bloggers are. It’s uncomfortable for long term use and doesn’t want my bum to play with it, which is my favorite aspect of plugs. That being said, It’s fun for wearing during vaginal intercourse and works well for this purpose. If you’re an anal intermediate, want something to add to vaginal stimulation, or are looking for something to give your bum a stretching feeling, the Ryder might be for you! If you’re new to butt plugs, or are a big-bummed person looking for something for long term use, I’d pass on this one. So many bloggers have raved about it, but I am one of the few who isn’t wholeheartedly in the fan club. 

The Tantus Ryder can be purchased for $23 directly from Tantus, or for $32 from Early to Bed


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