The Rocket Vibrating Plug

20160507_175958The Rocket was my 1.5th butt plug. I say 1.5th because technically the Fun Factory Bootie was my very first plug, but I tragically lost it after only two uses. I still have no idea where it managed to go. I looked everywhere, but I suspect it must have fallen out of my shower caddy on its way from being cleaned. Apologies to the poor soul who found my butt plug in a communal dorm bathroom. Oops. 

After losing the Bootie, I returned to my local sex shop to find another anal toy. I decided I wanted a lower-priced vibrating one of a small(ish) size made of silicone or other body-safe materials. The Booty Rocket fit these requirements. It is 3.5” long, 1” thick, and made of plastic with a silicone exterior. It features a pointed tip that rounds out to two slight bulbs, and a oddly shaped base with the control button right on the end, which lights up. If you want to feel like a pooping firefly, This is your plug.

Shown: weird base firefly mode

That being said, do not get up and spread your arms in firefly flight because this will fall out of your butt and onto your floor. If you’re looking for a plug that will actually stay in, the Rocket most certainly is not it. Since it doesn’t taper to the base, my butt muscles always just pushed it out unless I used my hand to hold it in. Because of this, I never actually used it as a plug, more of an anal probe or dildo. This was when I was new to butt stuff, so the size was good for a novice, and got me used to the sensation of having something foreign up there. The vibrations have 10 buzzy settings and the patterns are in a completely random order. The thing starts out with low quick staccato vibes, them amps up full speed, drops, drops, and starts whipping random patterns around left and right. No low to high vibes here, just random chaos.

The cheapness of the “plug” soon revealed itself when the button stopped working and got stuck. Eventually something broke and it was difficult to turn the thing on or off or change patterns. This was frustrating because by this time I had discovered that my butt enjoys patterns (even buzzy ones I suppose). Neither my clit not g-spot appreciate a vibration pattern, but my butt is quite partial to them. Being unable to switch between patterns negated the entire point of the plug, and by the time this happened I already had a new plug, and this one lay forgotten at the bottom of the drawer.

This plug is bad. It falls out, it broke, and its vibrations are mediocre. It’s more of a really short anal probe or dildo, but there are better products for the purpose of beginner anal play like one of the Silk dildos from Tantus or The Peg from Godemiche. I never reach for this thing anymore and I should probably throw it away as it is only taking up space. Overall, I would not recommend this plug unless you want to use it for the sole purpose of a sexy firefly costume. Just don’t stand up.


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  1. Rebsy said:

    Oh, I hate it when toys have weak vibrations -.- It’s the WOOORRSSSTTTT!!!

    June 11, 2016

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