The Tantus Sport: A Grand Slam


In high school, I was the only one on my basketball team who failed to score all season. I played three soccer games in a row where I got hit in the face every single time. When I tried hockey, other people got awards like “Fastest Skater” or “Best Backwards”. I got “Smallest Head”. Sports and I were never compatible. That is, until now. Luckily, you don’t have to be athletic to enjoy the Tantus Sport20160523_132546

Tantus is a lovely company dedicated to body-safe materials (especially silicone!), quality products, and listening to their customers. The Sport is only one of the several small curved dildos I had my eye on specifically for the purpose of pegging, and when Tantus had a buy one get one free sale I pounced and snagged it as soon as I could.


5.5” of silicone goodness, the Sport is 1.5” in diameter, with a lovely round bulbous head that works well for g or p-spotting. The suction-cup base is a rounded triangle shape so you can see which end is pointing up while the dildo is inside a body (this is awesome for harness play!). It has somewhere between a squishy and firm texture, and is very bendable. The smooth shiny surface is, as with many silicone toys, subject to lint and a bit of drag on the skin, which is easily solved with a little bit of water-based lube, and then cleaned afterward with soap and water. Mine came in purple, and since it was from the grab bag section of Tantus’s website, also came with some imperfections of tiny bubbles trapped in two places on the dildo. This affects neither use nor sanitation.

20160523_160948My vagina’s opinion:
It is still unclear to me if I even have a g-spot. Where I feel most pleasure
is in the belly side of the deepest part of my vagina. This makes me think that either I have a very deep g-spot, or more likely it is my a-spot that loves to be stimulated. Either way, the Sport does a delightful job with providing this pleasure. The round head hits just the right spot regardless of what the preceding letter may be. While solo, I mostly use this dildo by pushing it in as far as it will go, then using swift and small thrusts. Since I have shorter arms and am prone to hand cramps however, I usually elect to have my partner use it on me the same way. I’ve never orgasmed from internal stimulation alone, so the Sport won’t make me come, but that isn’t to say that it doesn’t feel amazing! Add some clit stim and then comes a delightful, longer-than-usual orgasm. This is a very small slender dildo that is great for beginners, but will leave those that crave size unsatisfied. The slightly curved shape will provide medium level pressure to your g, p, or a-spot. Since it’s so bendy it won’t be as intense as a glass or metal toy, but by adjusting your angle or position you can increase the intensity.

His butt’s opinion:
Speaking of adjusting positions, 20160523_131523-1doing so caused Simon’s
VERY FIRST P-SPOT ORGASM. This magical event itself warrants an entirely separate post which I will save for another day, but for now I’ll just say that the Sport has earned a very special place in my heart for providing the amazing sight and memory of my partner completely losing himself in his pleasure. We are somewhat new to pegging, and although we were exploring p-spot stimulation, we weren’t doing it with the goal of a p-spot orgasm in mind. Since Simon is the one actually experiencing the toy, I figured he’d better explain it then I could, so this is what he had to say!

Well, after finally cleansing myself from whatever stigma pegging had in my mind, I allowed my partner to put the Tantus sport in my bum, and oh boy what a fucking great sensation. The first time we experimented with the Tantus sport, like a classic sexual intercourse newbie couple, we started with the missionary position. It is such a delight to have your partner fuck your butt, stare deeply into your eyes and say I love you; however, the certain design of the Sport and the location of my P-spot prevented the desired feeling. The next time we indulged in pegging, we decided to try modified doggy-style position, in which I was lying down on my stomach and she was on top of me. The combination of her body pressing down on mine causing the Sport to be thrusted deeper and rub against my P-spot, and the synchronized thrusting of our bodies, catalyzed my first P-spot orgasm. I was truly shocked. The intense feeling rippled through my body like a shockwave. I was in a state of euphoria and paralysis, unable to move or speak for a solid 5 minutes.

Thrusting at a faster rate, and going about 3.5-4.5 inches deep with the Tantus Sport creates optimal pleasure for me. One minor complaint that I have with the Tantus Sport occurs when the dildo initially enters. Due to the large bulbous head, and skinny shaft, when the dildo enters past the head, my butthole creates a vacuum, suddenly sucking in a large portion of the dildo creating a slightly painful experience. This may be due to my inexperience in pegging, and because my anus is not used to receiving such gifts, so it is highly recommended for beginners like me to use a warm up before utilizing the Tantus Sport. Other than that slight issue, my experience with the Tantus Sport has been an incredible one.

The Tantus Sport works decently for my vagina, but really shines when used on Simon for p-spotting. This toy has taught us a love for pegging, and has provided us with an experience we will never forget. The curved head is great for a/g/p-spotting, while the small size and simple, non-realistic shape is great for beginners. If you’re thinking of putting something in a prostate-owners bum, try the Tantus Sport!20160523_134605

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  1. Ivy Fayette said:

    Great review! I love your use of sports equipment with the picture. Glad it’s a toy both you and your partner can enjoy. 😀

    June 24, 2016

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