Lube Lovin’: Sliquid H20 and Sassy

sliquid bottlesSliquid is my favorite brand of lubricant. Loved dearly by sex-toy aficionados like Epiphora and Erika Moen of Oh Joy Sex Toy, Sliquid must be one of the most popular lubricants among bloggers, and it’s easy to see why. Sliquid lubes are comprised of only a few ingredients, and all of them are both vegan and body safe. There are no chemical irritants, parabens (potentially carcinogenic), glycerin, or propylene glycol (both of which can lead to heightened risk of STI transmission). Sliquid lubes are iso-osmotic, meaning they are kind to your skin and tissue cells. They also have a friendly pH relative to the environment of the vagina or rectum, which translates to no burning feeling. If you’d like to learn more about osmolality, pH, and the science of lube, check out Dangerous Lilly’s Big Lube Guide

sliquid h2o bottleSliquid H20: This one is definitely my favorite. Sliquid’s original water-based lube is compatible with all toy materials. Its great for pretty much anything and works well as a sort of “all purpose” lube. I like how the runny texture resembles that of a vagina’s natural lubricant. No stickiness here! This does dry up after a while, but we use a little spray bottle full of water to re-activate it, which works fairly well. Adding more lubricant would be ideal but being on a budget means extending the life of all purchases as much as possible. As a water based lube, this won’t be great in the shower, and might dry up a little too fast for penis masturbation. But if you need a little extra wetness for oral, this is a nice helping hand. Penis/toy in vagina? Great! Masturbation on vulva? Great! Anal use? Still works, but look to Sassy for this purpose! (8.5 oz for $15.99
here, or try 2 oz for $8 here)

sliquid sassy bottleSliquid Sassy: As the name might suggest, this one is best for back-door action. It is thicker than the H2O, and as a water based lube is still compatible with all toy materials. It is indeed a great lube for anal use, but I would stick to using it there. When we use it for pegging, it lasts a long time, and we rarely have to reapply unless we take a break to readjust positions or rest. However, with vaginal use, once it dries up it gets quite gummy and sticky all over my inner thighs. This isn’t a huge deal; it just requires a little more cleanup after. My main negative observation is that after a while during use (at least from what I’ve seen with pegging) it gets foamy and white. Is this because I’m using too much perhaps? Regardless, I find it interesting that this grosses me out a bit. I love messy sex. My blowjobs are a festival of saliva, and my humping causes sweat tsunamis, so I have no idea why a little bit of foamy lube makes me cringe. (8.5 oz for $15.99 here, or try 2 oz for $8 here)

I can confidently say that Sliquid has lived up to it’s hype. I adore the natural feelings of the H2O and Sassy and love the high quality ingredients. The folks at Sliquid are also pretty good with customer service. One of my emails got lost in the mix, but after a second email an apology was issued within the hour and all my questions were answered.

COST TIP: The Sliquid website has four different brands of lube. The Sliquid Naturals, Sliquid Organics, Ride Bodyworx, and Ride Dude Lube. When I first saw that Ride Dude Lube Water Based had the same formula as Sliquid Naturals H2O, but was cheaper, I was shocked. My brain went straight to “SLIQUID IS PINK-TAXING US!”. However, there was no need to jump to such negative conclusions. After a few emails, it turns out that Ride Dude Lube is cheaper because they are no longer in production, so if you want the great formula of Sliquid but a little cheaper, here’s a handy list to show you how you can pinch some pennies.

8.5 oz: Sliquid H2O ($19) = Dude Lube Water Based ($18)

4.2 oz: Sliquid Silver ($22) = Dude Lube Silicone ($20) = Ride Silicone ($18)

8.5 oz: Sliquid Silk ($22) = Dude Lube Silk ($20)

Sliquid products can be bought from Shevibe, or directly from the Sliquid website.

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  1. Rebsy said:

    I definitely need to try some Sliquid lube at some point. Everyone is raving about Sliquid!

    June 6, 2016
    • Sammi said:

      You should you should! They’re great! 🙂

      June 6, 2016

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