Picobong Kiki 2: Boring, Uncomfortable, and Frustrating


Lelo has made some abhorrent decisions lately surrounding their latest project, Lelo Hex Condoms. Not only did they choose a man known for assault as their spokesperson and stigmatize STIs to sell their product, they defended all these choices and refused to listen to the blogging and sex-ed community. Sarah from Marvelous Darling does a much better job of articulating this than I could, so you should definitely read into the details here. Because of this fiasco, Lelo, and their other brand, Picobong, no longer hold my respect. That being said, their recent actions did not influence this review, they only left me bitter that I still had to actually report about this unfortunate toy. 

Picobong is an offshoot brand of Lelo. The products are more affordable (even though they still have a toy that retails for $130), and as told to me by the person I was emailing, marketed to college students (and I’m guessing younger people in general). The mini-vibe Kiki 2 is part of the Power Up series. I’ve never tried the original Kiki so I can’t make a comparison between the two, but the Kiki 2 allegedly has twice the power of the original, hence, “Power Up”.

Accidentally forgot to include the dimensions. Oops! This guy is about 4″ long and about 1″ wide.

Three words I would use to describe this vibrator are boring, uncomfortable, and frustrating. Initially, using the Kiki 2 is dull. The surface-level vibrations don’t make it through my many labia layers to get to my clit, and I barely feel anything. The most intense setting does almost nothing, so I use my other hand to spread my labia to find a way to get the vibe closer to my clit without it actually hitting it (I hate direct clit stimulation). Now instead of feeling nothing, I feel everything, and it’s uncomfortable. I want to recoil and squirm in discomfort. It isn’t painful, but it most certainly isn’t pleasurable. While watching me use it on myself, rather than sporting the usual gaze of lust and desire, my partner instead looked confused and asked me if I was okay. Finally, attempting to orgasm with this toy is near impossible. It is frustrating and difficult and so very very uncomfortable. Usually with vibrators I don’t need to move the toy in order to orgasm, but with the Kiki 2, the one time I managed to orgasm wasn’t from the vibrations, but from the motions of rubbing it against myself. I know a lot of people use vibrators this way, but it’s unusual for me to do so, and means something is up with the toy. I could have orgasmed much more easily by just using my fingers.13460750_10209370314365059_1604800355_o

Although those are the big issues with the Kiki 2, there are some other small problems as well. The shape just does not work for me, nor did I expect it to as I detest pinpoint vibrations. Visually, the toy is appealing; I like the look of the buttons hiding in the logo, but in practicality it makes them a bit more difficult to find when using the toy. When it comes to sound, although it is advertised using the classic “near silent” promise, this little guy is louder than you would expect. It won’t be heard through a closed door, but the high pitched buzz is still pretty damn annoying when I’m already frustrated trying to get this thing to feel good. The noise gets worse if you hold the toy near the handle, but no matter how you hold it, it’s going to make your hand uncomfortable as the vibes travel up into it. After 30 minutes of trying to orgasm with this thing, between smooshing it into my bits and the buzzy vibrations, my hand was cramping something awful.

I think I could forgive all the discomfort of the Kiki 2 if it didn’t come with the stupid price tag of $40. Knock it down to $10-$20 and perhaps I’d recommend it to people with exposed clits who like surface-level vibrations and direct clit stimulation. The Kiki 2 is overpriced, uncomfortable, and unpleasurable. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

This was my first and last review for Lelo and Picobong. Unless they somehow turn their company around and start listening and respecting their customers and the blogging community, they will no longer have my support and I will no longer be working with them.

Thank you Picobong for sending me the Kiki 2 in exchange for an honest review.

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