The To-Do List: Sexy Activities I’ve Been Dying To Try


I have many aspirations: move to somewhere I love, eventually get a college degree, work in a feminist sex shop for a bit, die happy. You know, the usual. I have life goals, and then I have sex goals. Neither are coming easily at the moment. I live in a rather small house with my parents and siblings. The upstairs bedrooms are all connected, meaning my brother has to walk through my room to get to his own room. Translation: I cannot masturbate nearly as often as I need to, nor can Simon and I fuck when he comes to visit. When we can fuck, it’s a quick, silent session sans toys or roleplay or anything “extra”. It’s good, but I want more. Thanks to my fairly creative, active, and sexually-starved brain, here’s some stuff that is totally going to happen once Simon moves into his new apartment and I come to visit.


We love messy sex. We adore sloppy drooly blowjobs and sweaty steamy bodies all tangled. Sploshing is a kink that has been slowly creeping up on us, and the more we talk about being covered in mess, the more it appeals to us. Even if it isn’t necessarily a turn on, I have no doubt it would be fun. I have three big bottles of tempera paint from some weird rave thing in my cabinet that have just been begging to be taken out and dumped all over our bodies. The vision is once Simon moves into his apartment, a large piece of paper is to be spread over the floor and paint poured all over our heads and extremities. Why not make art while fucking? (A Couple of Kinks did this as well!). Not only is paint on the menu, so is cake, whipped cream and other foods as well. I’ve also been making heart eyes at Slube, a powdered lube to be mixed in a bathtub or pool specifically for sploshing or heavy-duty lube requiring sexual activities such as fisting.


We’ve had two threesomes in the past, but I’m greedy and oh man I have so many threesome fantasies: me and another gal being little schoolgirls reprimanded by our teacher, watching him and another guy go at it all messy and passionate, being tied to a chair and forced to watch his intimacy with another person (perhaps a little cuckqueaning action?), co-domming someone with my partner, being dommed by my partner and another, my partner and I being subs for another dommy being. Ropes, impact, roleplay, hands, mouths, toys, I want it all! Thinking about threesome dynamics makes me particularly excited about being a switch. The multitude of ways three (or more!) people can fit and interact together is really beautiful.

Dildo Blowjobs

I got a tiny little taste of this treat the other day, but it only made me want more. I love looking down at his tongue running the length of my silicone cock (the Tantus Pack n’ Play 2). Watching him gently sucking on the head and then seeing it disappear into his hungry mouth is divine. The Pack n’ Play is a superb dildo for dildo blowjobs because it’s so soft and comfy in the mouth. I’ve had a fascination with this for quite a few months, and I finally have the materials (a harness and a realistic-ish dildo) to make my dreams a reality! I’m not entirely sure why I’m so into using dildos on Simon (whether pegging or bjs), but I think it may stem from all my fantasies of watching him have sex with another dude. Since he’s still not quite comfy with that prospect yet, dildo bjs let me fantasize while he happily and excitedly gets to step only a little out of his comfort zone. Already I think dildo blowjobs have become one of our favorite activities!


I have an ever-evolving list of BDSM stuff I want to try. The acronym is such a broad umbrella for the many kinks, fetishes, and activities that fall under it that I don’t think my list will ever be completed. This is just a teensy portion of that megalist.

Wax play

Drippy warm reminders of power exchange? Sign me up! When I think of wax play, I think of anticipation. Nothing gets me hot and bothered like anticipation. I can picture a drop of wax clinging to the candle for a little bit, waiting for it to release and feel it’s heat on my skin. I can’t wait to be looking up and making eye contact with the holder of the candle knowing they have the power to control when and where the splatters fall. Yum.


…or maybe I won’t see where those little wax drops are going to fall. Our current blindfold falls off like nobody’s business. Once we can invest in a new one, we want to try blindfolding me, blindfolding him, or blindfolding both of us. This can be combined with so many other things too: Sensation play, impact play, bondage, aforementioned sploshing, there are so many combinations. This plays into anticipation again, not knowing what is happening until it happens.

Impact play

We’ve used hands, a wooden paddle, and a belt, but once again I want more! I want to try more paddles, whips, and crops of all sorts of different materials. I want to be tied up and left to struggle in my restraints as a riding crop swats across my thighs and a ball gag silences my whimpers.


Rough sex is amazing for heavy breathing and lustful satisfaction, but I’d love to experience a more romantic and spiritual session. Tantric sex is a practice combining meditation, spirituality, and sex. It is slow and deliberate and delicious. I want to take time to drink in one another’s presence. I want to sync our breathing and melt into him, trail lips and fingertips over every inch of skin, sit entwined in naked silence and just exist for a moment. I want to explore bodies, and touch places that haven’t been touched before.

Well, this post sufficiently turned me on. I suppose it can just be summed up with the fact that I’m a sex-hungry lil gal who wants more of everything and actually had to cut a bunch of stuff out to make this a readable length. There is always so much to try and experiment with. Sex is such an art, and so exciting! Let me know in the comments or on twitter at @squeaky_springs what you’ve tried, what you want to try, or what you think I should try!

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