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Usually my first impression of a toy gives me a pretty good idea about whether I’m going to like it or not. This time however, my first impression was dead wrong. I initially wasn’t thrilled about the Funkit Toys Cashew Nib, but after a few tries, I fell in love. This is an amazing toy from an amazing company.

Funkit Toys is run by Kenton, a certified sex educator (and chef!) who, in my humble opinion, does all the right things running his business. He compensates bloggers to review his products (something you never see), uses body-safe (now medical grade) silicone, is well-versed in anatomy and sex-positivity, and genuinely seeks out constructive criticism from bloggers and sex educators alike. He studies his shit, and his business is growing with a new toy coming out each month. Not only all that, but these toys are unlike anything else I’ve seen. He swirls clear silicone with other pigments to create absolutely stunning designs. I’m really impressed with Kenton, and truly excited I get to review one of his products.

*Kenton recently posted a photo on instagram saying his toys were actually okay to use with silicone lube! I still recommend a patch test since some silicone lubes of low quality can still interfere with the high quality silicone of a toy.

As I stated in the beginning, I didn’t like this plug when I tried it the first two times. The suction cup base, although super strong, is big, stiff, and round. I couldn’t get past the uncomfy fit between my cheeks and because of this I didn’t test it again for quite some time. Then, one day while scrolling through some hot pictures on Tumblr, I got a hankering for some booty action and slipped this plug in. I fell in love. Perhaps I hadn’t been turned on enough at first? Perhaps I hadn’t really been in the mood? Whatever it was, I was wrong. I love this thing. It is definitely my new favorite plug. I love the feeling of my anal muscles playing with plugs, and this toy 100% delivers that. As soon as it goes in I can feel the clenching and relaxing that I so love. If I want a quick orgasm, I slip the Cashew Nib in with some Sliquid Sassy and grab the Minna Limon for my clit. Boom. Intense. Done. Carry on.

Oh, and that base I so despised? Kenton has already updated it in his shop. The Cashew Groove and Nib now sport these super cool handy dandy suction cup bases that FOLD UP TO FIT BETWEEN YOUR BUTTCHEEKS. Maybe it’s because I’m new but I haven’t seen anything like that as of yet and I think it’s pretty neat. He’s also begun using a softer, squishier silicone. If anyone is so inclined to buy me a present, please make it the updated version of this plug in
rainbow or the baby pink and blue.

13405490_10209296968411456_749237216_oThe Cashew Nib can also be used as a vaginal plug, with nibs for massaging the external labia or clit. I tried using the nibs for this purpose but my clit is so damn buried there was no way this thing would reach it at all. The only time I felt the nibs was during insertion into my butt, and while I didn’t notice it too much, Simon noticed and quite enjoyed it (he liked this plug more than the cult-favorite Ryder), suggesting perhaps he should foray into more textured anal toys. The first time I put this in my vagina, I could definitely feel the plug gently nudging against me, and it felt quite good. The next time, I felt nothing, then the next time, it felt good again. I’m not quite sure what makes it a hit or miss, but I know it would definitely be better for this purpose if it were bigger! When it’s pleasurable, it’s because of the pressure it puts on what statistically speaking (2-3 inches in) might be my G-spot, but I never feel a whole lot of pleasure there so if it is my G-spot it isn’t very sensitive.

The only negative thing I have to say about this plug is I couldn’t get it to be comfortable during PIV sex. It worked with a dildo, but it would not work with my partner’s penis. Perhaps with more testing I can make this happen eventually, but my butthole is so close to my vagina that most butt plugs get in the way, and when a base is super stiff, it’s even harder to get a penis past it. Perhaps this was rectumfied (haha rectified? Get it?) with the new softer silicone and base.


I love this thing. It is my new favorite plug. I like it so much that if I come by some spare cash soon, I might buy the updated version with the new base. It is the perfect size, not too big and not too small, with a nice taper to ease it in. I think this would be a great plug for any human, newbie or experienced. Right now Funkit Toys offers the Cashew Nib, as well as it’s buddy the Cashew Groove (which has grooves instead of nibs), and two dildos the Swell, and the Swing. Coming out next is an awesome paddle that attaches suction-to-suction with another toy as a handle, and I can’t wait to see what Funkit Toys comes up with next. To make this happen, Kenton really wants to make this business his full-time job. Every contribution helps, so go check out and donate to his patreon page to support all the great work he is doing. He’s got some awesome perks for every donation amount, and even more awesome toys in the works. In the meantime, head to his website to check out more of his gorgeous toys!

Thank you Funkit Toys for sending me the Cashew Nib in exchange for an honest review.


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  1. Funkit Toys look great (based on the site)! Thanks for reviewing.

    August 10, 2016

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