A Katy Perry Song in Dildo Form: The Tantus Adam O2

Adam dildoodle

I have owed Tantus this review for far too long. I have tested this dildo so many times over something like two months, and I still cannot come to a satisfying conclusion. Sometimes this dildo feels delightful, but sometimes it’s curve and girth are just too much for my smaller-sized anatomy. I’m pretty sure the subject of Katy Perry’s song “Hot n’ Cold” was the Tantus Adam O2.

Cause you’re hot then you’re cold

You’re yes then you’re no

You’re in then you’re out

You’re up then you’re down

-Katy Perry

I hope you also giggled at the “in and out” part like I did, because maturity. The Tantus Adam O2 dildo is a fan favorite. So many other bloggers love it, and I feel weird being forever on the fence. It’s an average sized semi-realistic dual-density dildo with a great curve for G-spot or A-spot stimulation. Since I have come to a suspicion that I may lack a particular patch of sensation one might label as their G-spot (I haven’t quite given up hope yet!), or my G-spot simply isn’t very sensitive, the impact of this curve would be lost on me if it weren’t for my love of what I assume must be my A-spot.

Tantus Adam Specs

Sometimes, the Adam feels good. Like, really good. I remember a particular instance kneeling on the floor with a plug in, thrusting furiously while using my fingers on my clit and coming quite spectacularly. Another time, Simon used it on me, pushing it in deep and then using small, quick thrusts. That, too, felt quite nice. I’ve never orgasmed from internal stimulation alone, but pairing the Adam with some clit stim from my fingers or recently acquired Tango is lovely. I’ve found that deep, small, bouncy strokes usually work best for me.

Adam close

Sometimes, the Adam is uncomfortable. Once it was even painful, although I think I can attest that to a more sensitive vagina during menstruation and slightly rough sex. Sometimes it feels too big (which is silly because it’s about the same girth as Simon and the Pack n’ Play 2) or too hard (which is also silly since the whole point of dual-density is to provide a more squishy feeling). Sometimes it feels as if the curve is too drastic; the pressure is far too intense. Because of these intensities, whenever I use the Adam I have to start off slowly to test how my fussy vagina is feeling that day. I never know if it will be aggressively rejected or happily enjoyed.


Because of the polarizing nature of the Tantus Adam, I don’t often find myself reaching for it. Perhaps my vagina is just a temperamental toddler that will either throw or devour their food depending on their emotional state. I’m not sure how I can enthusiastically use the Adam AND a butt plug one day, but on another hastily remove the dildo from my vagina while cringing from a too-intense curve (I’m currently reading Come As You Are, so if you’ve read it, I guess the answer to this is context). I also recently saw a pelvic floor physical therapist who told me those muscles might be too tensed, so perhaps the problem may be my own anatomy, and not the fault of the innocent Adam. Nevertheless, I trust my body’s opinion. It declares this toy to be great for those seeking more intense G-spot or A-spot stimulation and those who like a dildo of average girth, while perhaps it isn’t the best toy for someone like me who may be overwhelmed by these sensations. Katy totally must have been one of them, so enjoy having this song stuck in your head for the next few hours. You’re welcome.

Thank you Tantus for sending me the Adam in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Rose said:

    This is a great review! I love that you discussed how different toys can feel each time you use it (that’s always the case for me too).

    August 13, 2016
    • Sammi said:

      Thanks Rose! I’ve never experienced it so intensely with any other toy before.

      August 13, 2016

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