Simon’s First Review: The Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage!

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First impressions are incredulously important. They can determine whether you landed your dream job during an interview, help seduce a potential partner at a bar, and be a main decider on whether you will lube up your dick and stick it in a Fleshlight again. Biases positive and negative sprout immediately from first impressions; however, to make an accurate judgement upon anything, you must be exposed to it multiple times. Mundane, useless, and unarousing were initial reactions I felt when using this toy, but after experimenting and finagling around with the Quickshot, my opinion quickly flip-flopped. The Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage is, as Jim Carrey once said in Bruce Almighty, “B-E-A-utiful.”

Prior to the Quickshot, my only other experience with masturbators was the tenga egg, but my inexperience does not mean I cannot determine whether a toy is pleasurable to me. Before I delved into the beautiful and expanse world of sex toys, I was very accustomed and complacent with using my handy dandy hand when pleasuring myself. Since beginning my wonderful partnership with Sammi, I’ve tried dozens upon dozens of products, ranging from butt plugs to ball gags; however, I was always hesitant to try a masturbator. As some people shy away from realistic dildos, I was skeptical at the thought of a fucking a disembodied orifice. Until recently, during masturbation I was uncomfortable with putting my penis into anything other than my palm. Thanks to Sammi, I was able to get past these discomforts, and begin to enjoy the happiness that arises from the Quickshot Vantage.


The Quickshot Vantage is a perfect beginner masturbator. The clear, two end design not only makes cum clean up much easier, but also removes the potential intimidation of fucking a disembodied vagina. A perk to the masturbator being clear is that you are able easily identify any dirtied areas, making pinpointing the mess as simple as a quick glance. Also, the small size makes storage and hiding from parents very convenient.

fleshlight quickshot no capsAround the circumference of the compact sleeve is a hard plastic sheet which allows the user an easy grip to control speed. I like a tight hold when masturbating, so my issue with this casing is that it disables me from tightening or loosening my grip, yet there is an easy solution! The sleeve can be removed from the plastic shell, further granting the user the ability if desired to strengthen the grip (Thank you Polly for the tip!). This factor was a game changer for me. The feeling is still good with the casing on, but since it remains constant and predictable, I find that it  takes the joy away from playing with oneself. I was initially very bored of this consistent grip caused by the plastic casing, but after finding out I could remove the sleeve, my masturbating experience increased ten fold.

One of the Quickshot’s intendedFleshlight Quickshot top view purposes was for simultaneous use with a blowjob. When used in this way, it indeed imitates the feeling of a really well done deepthroat; however, the person who is blowing will end up ingesting gallons of lubricant. I suggest that if your lovely partner chooses to blow you while using the Quickshot, that they use flavored lube to enhance their own experience. Another note on the lube: while lubrication is definitely a requirement for this toy, I’ve found that for once, and this is probably one of the only times I’ll ever say this, less is more. Using only as much lube as is necessary is the only way I can feel the actual texture of the sleeve. If one uses too much lube, it is impossible to feel that texture anymore.

The Quickshot’s name holds very true when coupled with butt play and/or blowjob. Whether it’s me playing with the tantus sport upon myself or Sammi thrusting a dildo in my ass, I quickly cum when using the Quickshot. The pairing of butt play and this masturbator is an ecstasy sensation so good it has left me shivering on my back from the intense orgasm. The unique size and ~$30 pricing of the toy makes it an affordable, quality masturbator that would be great for beginners and experienced users alike. So even if you have a bad initial reaction to the toy, try to never judge prematurely because you could be depriving yourself or your partner immense pleasure.

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Thank you Naughty Playtime for sending us the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage for an honest review!

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