The Tantus Pack n’ Play 2: A Most Beautiful Boner


I am not a very experienced dildo-er. Penetration with things other than penises is fairly new to me, and hasn’t been in my masturbation routine until recently. Every time I use a new toy I learn a little more about my body and a little more about what kind of fucking implements I enjoy. The Tantus Pack n’ Play 2 has come to be one of these such delights. The size, shape and squish come together in a lovely combination that seems to fit my vagina just right.

That moment when your dildo is running a better presidential campaign in one photo than a certain unnamed individual ever has or will.

I may be a little biased towards this dildo as it looks strikingly similar to my partner’s dick, and I suppose perhaps the similar size and shape make this dildo feel especially homey. This comfort and familiarity might be what makes this my perfect-sized dildo, ideal for all stages of play from warm-up to finish. It fills me quite nicely without any discomfort (probably due to the lovely squishy material), the head isn’t too big, the texture isn’t too much, and it has a “just right” curve: not too intense but not too straight. This is especially important since my vagina is picky about curvature. In fact that I’ve been wondering if I could mathematically quantify the exact angle or curvature that feels best. My vagina can do math, y’all.


I should also add as a side note that this dildo doesn’t just feel great in the genital region; it also makes an excellent blowjob cock. It’s comfy in the mouth and looks amazing bobbing in and out of someone’s lips. Heck, it looks amazing anywhere. Just look at this baby chillin’ in my homemade duct-tape harness.

As for the packing aspect of the Pack n’ Play, strapping this on under clothing is pretty much synonymous with expecting to walk around with a huge boner. This is awesome for sexy pictures of said boner (#tfw looking at your own nudes turns you on), but isn’t exactly ideal for situations where a boner may not be desired, say- a grocery store or job interview. If you’re considering this little guy for everyday low-bulge packing purposes, I would recommend a more classic packer. If you’re looking for a packer for a sexy boner aesthetic… um, yes. This one will do wonderfully. 

The Pack n’ Play 2 is the perfect “just right” dildo for me. If you like semi-realistic, squishy, average-sized dildos, there’s a good chance you’ll love the Pack n’ Play 2. If you want a beautiful, stylish cock, perfect for the visual appeal of blowjobs and boner pics, this is your friend. If you want a dildo for everyday low-key packing purposes, this is probably more like your adversary. 

Thank you to Tantus for sending me the Pack n’ Play 2 in exchange for an honest review!

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