Bswish Bdesired Deluxe Curve


The Bswish Bdesired Deluxe Curve has an amusingly long name, but hey guys I found a lower-cost, decent, body safe vibrator! Rejoice!

I want to preface this by saying I actually had negative expectations for this toy. Over my short period of testing sex toys I have already become dubious of vibrators on the lower end of the price spectrum. That isn’t to say that higher priced vibrators are always better, but lower cost vibrators are often horrendously buzzy or of poor material quality (i.e. made of porous, toxic jelly or TPR). This vibe is none of those things.


I love the shape of this. When pressing the flat part of the head against my vulva it delivers a nice broad area of stimulation. When placed horizontally on my clit, the lower head of the toy curls around the head and shaft of my clitoris, putting pressure in all the right spots. The silicone is smooth, and although it has a small seam running along the middle, that seam isn’t able to be felt during use. The toy is comfortable to hold, and the buttons are easily accessed during play.


While it could technically be used internally as well, the one time I attempted this, it was too firm and curved and got quite painfully stuck on my pubic bone. I’ve stuck to using this as a clitoral vibrator, and recommend it as such.

Why does this picture look like this vibrator is about to ask me if I come here often?

One of the most questionable aspects of affordable toys is the quality of their vibrations. When I popped the batteries in and switched on the toy, I was expecting weak buzziness. I am instead happy to report medium strength, rumblier-than-expected vibrations! At higher intensities they get buzzier, but for the most part I think they’ll work for many bodies. I do have to press it into my bits to get the desired level of strength however, so if you’re someone who needs Tango strong vibrations to get off, this may not be the toy for you.

Although I’m pleased with the materials of the Bedsired Deluxe Curve (Silicone and ABS plastic), there is one issue I have with the toy’s build. Unfortunately, the battery compartment cover pops off if you knock it the wrong way. While a minor annoyance, this inconvenience means you probably shouldn’t take it in the bath or shower (despite the “waterproof” claim), and be careful washing it (I’ve knocked it while washing and almost filled the battery compartment with water). For this reason, I wouldn’t call this toy “waterproof”.

bswish-buttonsAlso, the buttons. I don’t understand why there are two buttons if one just controls off/on and one has the scroll feature. Why not just make it one button? However, Mary Q from Confessions of a Sex Toy Rep appreciated this feature for the ability to turn it off and build to a second orgasm, while I usually call it quits after just one. My poor clit can never handle any more.

I’d also like to point out this slightly comical (although more so problematic) distinction that Bswish decided to make on their website. Apparently, according to BSwish, this vibrator is not “Couple Friendly”. Although I could go off on a rant about this, I think it is best explained in Ninja Sexology‘s post on “couple’s” sex toys. Long story short, any toy can be a “couple’s” toy if you use it with a partner, regardless of remote control or compatibility with a clit and a dick (yay heteronormativity!).


At only $34 at Shevibe, the BSwish Bdesired Deluxe Curve is a great lower-cost, body safe vibrator. It won’t satisfy power queens, lovers of pinpoint action, or anyone who dislikes battery-operated toys, but I’d recommend this to people who like broader, medium-intensity vibrations, or toy newbies looking for a cheaper vibrator to test the waters of sex-toydom. You can buy it at Shevibe in black, blue, and rose.


Thank you Bswish for providing me the Bdesired Deluxe Curve in exchange for an honest review!

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