The Minna KGoal: #KGoals or #BaeGoals?


When Vibrant gave me the option to review the Minna KGoal, I almost said no. I was (and still am) in the midst of final exams and papers and projects, and I thought I’d hate the toy anyway, especially after my experiences with other kegel exercisers. But after all, I love shirking responsibilities, my pelvic floor needs some work, and I love Vibrant as a company. They carry only body safe products, use gender-neutral language, and donate a portion of proceeds to planned parenthood. They’ve also sent bloggers T-shirts to welcome them to their affiliate program, so basically they’re doing everything right. I’m so happy they reached out to me about reviewing the KGoal, because I love it, and I love them, and I love loving stuff.

As a principle, I hate working out. If you plop me on a treadmill or hand me a weight and tell me to move it up and down in the air with my arm, I will be a grumpy little human. However, if you disguise exercise as a hike, a lowkey game of soccer, or a swim, I am much happier. I don’t even notice I’m working out.

Case in point, I need to trick myself into exercising by disguising it as fun.

And THAT, my friends, is why I like the Minna KGoal.

Minna KGoal
The KGoal comes with the toy, it’s charger, a storage pouch, and a sample of Good Clean Love lube.

The KGoal is a moderately sized (1.4” diameter, 3″ insertable length) silicone kegel exerciser that works by using the same air pillow technology as the Minna Limon. It’s basically a silicone sack of air that vibrates more intensely the harder you squeeze it. In the Limon, these vibrations are just used for pleasure, but in the KGoal, the toy vibrates as feedback from your clenching pelvic floor muscles. It also has two vibrating motors: one on the control arm and one on the insertable part. These can each be turned off and on separately via the app. Stick the air pillow in your vag, squeeze your muscles, and feel the vibes. Now, this is where it gets cool. Not only does it vibrate as feedback, but with it’s app you can see a visual representation of your workout by playing games with your vagina.

Now these games are no vaginally operated Call of Duty or Neko Atsume, but hey, video games started with pong and now look how far we’ve come. The three games are each five minutes and consist of a pong-esque game, where you squeeze your vag to move a block back and forth to bounce a ball off of, one where you squeeze to move shaped through a door, and one that is reminiscent of one of those carnival games where you hit a thingy with a mallet and make something go to the top of a meter to show strength. I don’t think I have a favorite, but the pong-esque one, called “bricks”, is quite tricky until you get the hang of it. “Moving target”, the carnival-y one, is definitely the easiest.

That awkward moment when the vibrations on your kegel strengthener are stronger than most vibrators…

Even if you don’t use any of the games for gaming purposes and only use the “moving target” one to gauge your squeezing, it is so super duper cool to see a visual representation of what your muscles are doing down there. I definitely found myself more in control of my muscles after one use just by seeing my own squeezing patterns. I’ve just been lying on my back, naked and legs spread staring at the phone screen in my hand while I contract and relax. SexBloggess recommended seeing your strength pre and post orgasm, as well as watching it during your orgasm to see how the muscles contract.

The vent you gotta press to deflate and inflate

Originally, I thought the KGoal was going to be too big, and although it does cause me some discomfort when I initially insert it, it’s actually pretty comfortable for that five minute workout. To use this toy you’ve got to read the directions. These will tell you that for best results, you need to deflate the air pillow all the way before inserting it and turning it on. So you deflate it, insert it, then inflate it, then turn it on. This allows it to fit you correctly while enabling the squeeze technology to give you the most accurate feedback. You’ll have to read even more instructions on how to change the vibration settings without using the app, which controls and receives feedback from the toy via bluetooth. So far, I haven’t experienced any problems with neither the app nor the bluetooth.


As for negative aspects of this contraption, I wish there were more games. I know I’m going to get bored of these things, so let’s have a vaginally operated Flappy Bird or Mariokart or something (unrealistic, I know, but one can dream). I also wish it were waterproof. Washing my toys always makes me nervous if it only says “splashproof”. I’m prone to breaking things so I need my shit to be as unbreakable as possible. My main concern however is not with the toy itself, but with the people using it. I’m worried that people having difficulties with pelvic floor dysfunction will see this as an alternative to a physical therapist. I think if you’re experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction, this might be great to use alongside a physical therapist, but not as a substitute.

The Minna KGoal is best for someone who wants to trick their genitals into exercising, or those that want an active kegel workout rather than one where you just chill and hold stuff in your vagina. I probably wouldn’t recommend it to lazy kegel-ers, but then again I myself am a lazy kegel-er and I like this contraption so I’m not totally sure where that leaves us. It’s a five minute workout with maybe a five minute setup and cleanup, so it’ll take about ten minutes total out of your day. It’s a little pricey at $149 from Vibrant, but for once I respect that price point, as it is a unique and innovative toy. All Minna needs to do to make me feel even more ecstatic about this thing is to implement a a vaginally operated Neko Atsume so I have an excuse to play that addicting and fantastic waste of time. I would probably develop the strongest pelvic floor muscles in the world. Just Sayin’.

Thank you Vibrant for sending me the Minna KGoal in exchange for an honest review!

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