Review: The Doxy Don


Hi hey hello there. I’ve got a few recommendations for you.

  1. Put this in your butt.
  2. Put this on your clit.
  3. Put this in your vag.
  4. Put this wherever the damn hell you please.

The Don is the first toy I’ve tried from Doxy. Picture this: smol shy me stands in the corner at Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit near a coincidentally anal-bead-shaped lamp, gazing lustfully at a table covered in sparkly magnificent shiny things. I catch wind of a rumor that the lovely Ruby Goodnight is looking for reviewers for the Don, and shyly approach the table. I take some deep breaths before blurting out “Hey, I heard you were looking for prostate-owning reviewers for the Don, My partner is a prostate owner and I’d love to try it out!” (Fuck yeah. Nailed it. Said the thing.) She smiles and nods, gives me a box and my heart leaps with joy. Successful human interaction: check.

remoteThe Doxy Don was worth that bit of nervousness and bravery. A weirdly shaped hunk of silicone-coated goodness, the Don is a total 7″ tall with the lil’ nub on top measuring just 2.5″ long and 1.27″ in diameter. It’s got five different vibration speeds, with an additional 5 pulse speed options. The controller is separate from the toy (more on that later) and has large, light-up buttons. Although this toy plugs into the wall, the cord is a hella long 12 feet, so the distance between you and an outlet shouldn’t be any problem. Of course, the most important aspect of the Don is its powerful vibration strength, rumbling away at 3,000-5,300 RPMs.

If you like strong rumbly vibrations like these, this toy is so versatile that I’m pretty confident it will work for you SOMEHOW, be it butt, vag, clit, dick, or anywhere else. This uniqueness is my favorite thing about the Don. I haven’t seen anything shaped quite like it. The little nub at the top can be inserted into the vagina or butthole or held over the clit. If you had that particular combination of anatomy you could totally get three Dons and be triple-Donned. Or then put a Don on each nipple and be penta-Donned. Summon some witchy things. Perhaps curse a certain orange politician to a miserable, sexless life of despair.

donangleI use this baby almost entirely on my clit, and sometimes in my bum. All that versatility is wasted on my picky genitals. I’m not a huge fan of internal vibrations. They just feel weird to me, especially at this intense power level. I’ve tried sticking it in my vagina, but the little bottom nub doesn’t align with my clit quite right. Additionally, my G-spot is unappreciative of vibrations, so I don’t feel much pleasurable sensation with that. In my butt it feels good, great with added clit stimulation, but nothing earth shattering. I do, however, appreciate the size of the nub, as booty beginners and bosses alike will find it comfy.

As for my prostate owning partner, Simon had a different opinion. With the Don, he discovered that butt vibes weren’t really his thing:

topofdonThe Doxy Don is quite the comfortably-shaped prostate massager, but it has some short comings. Literally. The insertable length of the toy is too short to reach my prostate. When initially inserted, the toy feels incredible. However, after a few moments, I’m unsatisfied. I find myself re-positioning it countless times hoping to find a hidden place of pleasure, but to no avail. Don’t get me wrong, it feels good, but the vibrations become mundane and eventually uncomfortable. Because of it’s inability to hit the right spot, I can’t reach orgasm using it alone, so I usually use the Don as the warm-up to loosen up the area and ready it for larger toys.

There are only a few small annoyances I have with the Don. First, the silicone seems to be a little rougher than the usual silicone I’ve felt. This roughness, however, only feels “rough” on the fingertips, and is completely normal on the genitals. Second, because of the buttons on the remote rather than the toy itself, the Don becomes a two-handed masturbatory experience, leaving it difficult to thrust a dildo or hold a second toy in place if I need to change the setting on the Don. I find this particularly bothersome with the don in my bum and another vibe on my clit. Thirdly, with all the Don’s power unfortunately comes hand vibrating along with genital vibrating. While this doesn’t bother me personally, I know many people don’t like to have their hands jiggled at the same time as their bits. This can be fixed somewhat with hand positioning, as shown in the photos below, which also affects the type/intensity of the vibrations on your junk.

This thing is great, but don’t just take it from me. About a month ago I brought the Don to a threesome and our threesome buddy ended up loving it so much after borrowing it that she bought one for herself instead of the womanizer she was saving up for. Now I’m feelin’ like a super slick salesperson- if there was such a salesperson that sold sex toys by letting their threesome buddies borrow them. New career path? Possibly.

This thing is a straight-up powerhouse, and totally worth the $89.99 price tag at Shevibe. You might like the Doxy Don if you love intense, deep, rumbly vibes on, in, or around your junk. If you’re intending to put this up your butt, keep in mind that it’s only 2.5″ long and will probably not reach a prostate, so it’s best for vibrating just inside the butt. You probably won’t be a huge fan if you prefer moderate or mild vibrations, or if you can’t stand toys with vibrations that travel up your hands.

Thank you Doxy for sending me the Don in exchange for an honest review

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    • Sammi said:

      Awww thank you, Rebecca!

      February 11, 2017
  1. Avery said:

    god i want one of these so bad!!!

    February 12, 2017

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