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Three years ago, this was the sex toy. The only one I wanted. It was the one that was going to connect me to my boyfriend. It was the one that was going to finally let me orgasm during PIV (penis in vagina) sex, and when I did a google search for reviews, it was the one that led me to blogs like Hey Epiphora and Dangerous Lilly that taught me PIV sex wasn’t the end all be all of orgasms. I didn’t own this toy until now, but somehow it led me to everything: sex positivity, sex blogging, a career change, and a community of the most amazing people. Excuse me while I wipe away a sentimental tear from my eye.

Although I have issues with “couple’s toys” being perceived as the pinnacle of sex toys (Ninja Sexology has a great post on this topic. Long story short: any sex toy can be a couple’s sex toy), that doesn’t stop the Sync from being pretty cool. The We-Vibe Sync is the newest version of the classic We-Vibe namesake “couple’s toy” designed to be worn inside the vagina and against the clit during penetrative sex. It’s fancy new features include a more powerful motor (rumored to be the same as the Tango), an app, and two hinges to more closely adjust the Sync to fit differing bodies.

Besides these improvements, its original U-shaped design is still apparent. Two motors operate on two arms, one of which is inserted into the vagina to rest against the G-spot while the other rests externally against the clitoris. In the Sync, both these motors can be controlled separately via the app and sort-of separately with the remote. The internal arm measures just over 2.5” long, while the clitoral arm measures about 3”. Both arms are about 1.25” wide. It’s waterproof, made of silky silicone, and comes with a neat little hard plastic charging and travel case (which I absolutely love). Unfortunately, while I am theoretically thrilled with the Sync, in practice it didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped.


With a Partner

Funnily enough, the intended use of the Sync, the one I was so thrilled about a few years ago, did not work for me whatsoever. Despite the numerous positions granted by the hinges, I couldn’t find a position comfortable enough to let me use it for very long. With the Sync and a dick in me, the most intensely vibrating bit missed my clit by a mile, the entire thing was jostled out of the way, and the inner arm dug sharply into me. Nothing worked. Every single time we tried the sync with PIV, we had to call it quits after a few minutes due to discomfort. 

A quick tip when figuring out how to position the hinges: I suggest configuring it on your own by using a dildo before using it with a bio-dick. Although peen shapes vary, it’s better to get it close enough with a dildo and then adjust it to a penis or different dildo. For visuals of the different configurations, Lilly of Dangerous Lilly has a photo collage of the many positions of the Sync, and Sarah of Formidable Femme has a video.


Syncing Solo

My problem with the Sync is that the most intensely vibrating part (that I do enjoy when nothing else is in me) is pushed to overshoot my clit when anything is inserted into either my vagina or butt, even something so unintrusive as the medium Pure Plug. For this reason, Instead of it’s intended use, I prefer to use the Sync by myself, on its own, with nothing inserted. Even then, I need to press it against myself on its highest setting to be able to reach orgasm. There is no way I could have a hands free orgasm from this, but I can see it possibly working on someone with a more exposed clit.

At first I doubted the rumors that the Sync’s clitoral arm had the same motor as the Tango, but holding them side by side makes me think these rumors may actually be true. They feel quite similar, but the Sync’s slightly larger size and silicone covering seems to dampen those rumbles a tad bit. Nevertheless, it’s a fairly strong vibration. I wish the same could be said for the high-pitched, unbearably buzzy internal arm. I’ve never felt a more uncomfortable vibration. I hate it.

The app lets you visualize and adjust vibration strength for both the external and internal arms.

Fortunately, with the help of the app I can configure a way for the internal motor to turn off to enjoy the rest of the experience. As far as the internal arm goes sans buzzing, I actually enjoy how it presses up against my G-spot in certain hinge positions. It applies pressure, but not so much movement, which I’ve found I actually quite enjoy.

My favorite thing about the Sync is how it essentially gives me super powered fingertips. Instead of having to hold the entire vibe with my hand, I can just let my vagina hold it while I use a few fingers to move the Sync around as if I was masturbating with just my hand, but with the added bonus of vibrations.

For those thinking “hm, I could wear this in my pants or something while doing another activity”, think again. At least, it didn’t work for me. It wouldn’t stay in when I tried to wear it while pegging (which was a bummer), and that was with a harness somewhat holding it in place. My vaginal muscles just push it out.

The App

17373211_10207697248863617_999725631_oThe Sync offers not one, not two, but THREE different ways to control it. None of the options are perfect, and each has their pros and cons. If you’re a person with simple tastes, just pressing the single button on the Sync itself lets you scroll through 4 vibe speeds and 4 patterns. It’s easy, it works, and if you’ve previously edited the volume intensity with the remote, it will remember it for the next time you turn it on. The remote not only offers two more patterns in addition to the other four, but it also allows you to adjust the vibration intensity (I counted around 13 strengths), and turn off the internal motor.

Apparently this is what “Fergilicious” looks like as a vibration pattern.


The app, however, is a pile of problems. Sometimes it works great. Other times, it’ll cut out for a moment, and other times it freezes entirely. Sometimes it crashes, sometimes it lags. It isn’t perfect. However, I’m a visual person and I really enjoy being able to look at what I’m doing and see exactly the settings my vibrator is on. The main vibration setting is great. It lets you see how you can tailor the pattern and intensity and I really like it (especially when I can tell that the internal motor is off). Where it falls short is all the other little settings. The “beat mode” that sets the vibrations to music just flat-out doesn’t work, and the “draw vibe” option under the create your own vibe pattern is clunky and impossible to work with. Despite these issues, I actually like the basic settings of the app. It just needs some refining.

Of course, all of this fancy sex tech comes with a hefty price tag, ringing in at $199 at Vibrant. Overall I love the external motor, hate the internal motor, have mixed feelings about the app, and prefer to use this on my own as opposed to with a partner. More times than not I will still be reaching for my Tango, but if you’ve got the cash and simply must try a “couple’s toy”, then the Sync just might just work for you!


Thank you We-Vibe for sending me the Sync in exchange for a fair and honest review!

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