Njoy Pure Plug: Get It.

njoy pure plug glitter

This is a good butt plug. You should buy it.

Honestly, I could probably end the review there. That’s all you need to know.

IMG_2590First of all, the NJoy Pure Plug is simply beautiful. Measuring a modest 2.5″ long and 1.5″ wide and made of shiny, solid stainless steel, it’s main feature is it’s delectable 7 oz (200 grams) of weight. As someone with previous anal experience, I picked the medium size and I am so happy with my choice. For my body, it is small enough to easily go in, but large enough to feel filling. Even though the 1.5″ may sound intimidating, it doesn’t look nor feel that large, especially when compared side by side to the similarly 1.5″ diameter Tantus Ryder. It’s got a great little handle as a base, making removal as easy as pie (although folks with smaller rear ends may feel the base on the chair if using for long-term wear).

The Pure Plug ticks all the butt plug boxes. It’s comfortable, easy to insert, easy to remove, and only requires a small dot of lube (my recent favorite has been Sliquid Silk). It’s wonderfully clench-able, feels amazing paired with a clit vibe (especially the Tango), and wonderfully enhances the feeling of a dildo or penis. During penis-in-vagina sex, if I close my eyes, let my mind wander, and fantasize, the Pure Plug moves around just enough to almost make it feel as if there’s another person thrusting something in there. I can’t tell if it’s the dick moving the plug from the inside or if it’s the handle of the plug being jostled outside of my body, but either way it’s a delicious feeling.

njoy pure plugThe temperature variability of the Pure Plug is a mixed blessing.  While this means temperature play is a definite possibility, it also means that the steel takes on the warmth or chill of its environment. Putting something in your butt without a warm-up is sometimes referred to a “cold start”, but this thing is the coldest start of all cold starts that ever cold started. In the winter, my bedroom is FREEZING. I hate the cold and I refuse to plug my butt up with this ice cube. Luckily, just as it holds cold, the Pure Plug also holds heat. This is delightful when it’s placed in warm water, so while you’re warming up your butt you can warm up your plug too!

njoy pure plug baseI have a singular complaint. Sometimes the plug gets turned around inside me during penetrative sex. This is a slight bother, but only requires a reach down to adjust.

Additionally, as with all plugs, this guy only lasts an hour in my bum before my rectum decides to read it as excrement and announce it’s time for departure.

njoy pure plug

I suppose the biggest downside of the Pure Plug is it’s price. At $75 at Vibrant, the medium Pure Plug isn’t in many peoples’ price range. That being said, it’s worth the investment if you know you like anal play and you’re looking for a high-quality, body-safe butt plug that will last you forever.

In summation, this is a good butt plug. You should buy it.


njoy pure plug

Thank you Njoy Toys for sending me the Pure Plug in exchange for an honest review!

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