First Time Floggin’: A Review of The Rouge Garments Purple Suede Flogger

Hello. My name is Sammi and I recently learned that I love floggers.

This very toy, the Bondage Bunnies Rouge Garments Purple Suede* Flogger, introduced me to that love.

On the day of the toy’s arrival, I’m pretty sure lifted it out of the box and let out a deep satisfied sigh. I remember holding this thing up in the air lion-king style and saying (with great gusto might I add) “I AM AN OFFICIAL KINKSTER”. Like, if someone is making a BDSM reference in vanilla society, they’re probably giggling about whips. It’s the classic kink item, and owning one somehow finally makes me feel like I’m actually Doing The Kink Thing (even though kink, like most things, is a spectrum).

Perhaps my newness to floggers may be shining through, but wow what an interesting and delightful feeling! The middle lends a nice thud, while the tip subsequently stings, and neither of the feelings are very intense (at least by my standards). Bondage Bunnies describes the toy as “not on the same level as some of our hardcore items here at Bondage Bunnies”, and I’d say they’re pretty spot-on. I didn’t want to try a super painful toy for my first flogger, and this was absolutely perfect for that purpose.

Because of it’s thuddy middle and stingy tip, hitting the same place over and over again gives either two different feelings in two different spots (as the middle and then the tip hits), or just a sting if you direct the tip on a certain spot. I like variety, with different spots stinging and thudding in a lovely dance across my buttcheeks rather than the feeling of a jig in the same spot repeatedly. Unfortunately, because of it’s weight this flogger is a little tricky to aim with if you hold it by the handle (at least for a newbie like me!). Luckily, you can hold it in so many different ways to make things easier. I’ve found I like one hand on the handle and the other halfway up the tails to make it shorter and easier to aim with.

Another possible downside to the Bondage Bunnies Purple Suede Flogger is that swinging this thing enough to really make it hurt requires a lot of effort. It’s heavy and not super painful, so while my stronger athletic partner was able to keep swinging this thing for a long time, I got pooped out pretty quickly. However, this can actually be an awesome thing for a situation like mine. It lets a top like my partner to feel like they’re putting in effort and really beating the shit out of a bottom who doesn’t actually have a massively high pain tolerance (aka me). However, for a weakling like me, or anyone that tires easily or has limited mobility, this would be a use-limiting problem.

My favorite thing about this flogger is the noise it makes. If you want a toy that makes a gorgeous cracking noise across your booty without a huge amount of pain, this is a great option.

This thuddy, stingy, swingy, swooshy thing has caused me to fall in love with floggers. I love the sound and the feel and the creativity and the power dynamics. I’d definitely recommend this toy to newbies like me (and it’s only $35 USD from Bondage Bunnies!).

*Since my receiving of this flogger, I’ve gone vegan! If you’ve got any recommendations for vegan floggers, hitty things, or other kinky goodies, stick them in the comments or tweet me on twitter! I’d love your feedback.

Thank you Bondage Bunnies for sending me the Rouge Garments Purple Suede Flogger in exchange for an honest review.


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