Got a Friend Who’s a Sex Worker? Here’s How to Support Them.

I have friends who do all sorts of things for their jobs. One such babe plays with and inspects dirt for a living. One bakes for an entire student body. A few are teachers, a few are business bitches, and some sell nudes and perform cam shows and have sex. Yup, I have friends who are sex workers, and you might too.

Sex work is an interesting sort of occupation. Although sex workers work their butts off to make their living (this can include marketing, accounting, scheduling, etc.), a whole lot of people still believe it’s not a “real job”. Some folks believe that it’s the same thing as trafficking, that its dirty, or that it’s morally wrong (none of which are true). Because sex workers face all these stereotypes and stigmas, they may need a different sort of support than you would give your friend that works retail at the local mall.

The closest comparison I could make to sex worker friends would be artists. Just as artists may use all sorts of different mediums for their work, sex workers do all sorts of different things. There are cam performers like Kate or folks who sell their nudes like Suz, full service escorts, folks like Taylor who specialize in kink, porn makers, porn performers, phone sex operators, erotic masseuses, the list goes on. Sex workers operate all over the word, from Canada to Australia, and just like artists, sex workers’ work can be unjustly unappreciated.

My first tip to those who want to support their sex workin’ pals? Support them like you would any job, and treat it like it’s normal (’cause it totally is). I asked some of my own sex workin’ friends about what we can do to support them, and this is what they said!

Give Them Your Money

Just as you’d support a friend’s handmade clothing business by purchasing a shirt or custom-made garter belt and chest harness set (jeez I can’t wait to wear that thing), toss some money toward your friend’s camming business. This doesn’t have to mean purchasing their lovingly made porn or nakey pics either (although with a discussion about the boundaries of your friendship, this could totally work too). Purchase items from their wishlists, support their patreons (Suz and Taylor are lovely folks who would love your support!), heck, treat them to a coffee and a work session at a coffee shop, because guess what? Just like any “normal” occupation, sex workers can also do with a nice boost of caffeine.

Give Them Your Social Media Presence

How does any business get more customers? By putting their products in the faces of more people. The more people see their work, the more people will be likely to throw money at them. Social media is exploding as a crucial component of any business. Lend your sex workin’ pal space on your own page by retweeting, favoriting, liking, commenting, and sharing. These retweets don’t have to be full frontal nudes, by the way. If you’re concerned about your pristine titty-free twitter feed, reblogging their clever quips or cute selfies might get them some profile clicks!

Give Them Your Support

Friends who listen to my stressors and validate me are my favorite kinds of friends. If a friend were to say “UGH I had such an unbelievable day at the office!”, you’d listen to their venting and appropriately respond with sympathizing sighs and comforting comments. Clients can be annoying in both the corporate world as well as the world of sex work, so just as you’d support your cubicle-based friend, lend a listening ear to your bed-based friend. And while we’re at it, I’m pretty sure everyone wants to be told “Hey, you’re amazing at your job”, so tell your friend “Hey, you’re amazing at your job”.

Oh, and you don’t have to stop at supporting just your own sex working friend. Be an advocate for sex workers in general. Speak up for their rights. Shut down harmful conversations and educate others on sex worker issues. Heck, educate your own self on sex worker issues. Call out misinformation. Find other sex workers in your area (its as easy as visiting a website like Escorts and Babes!) and purchase their services. Kate Sloan of excellently suggests generally talking about paying for sexual services, or supporting those who sell them, to publicly normalize sex work.

Bottom line? Support your sex worker friends just as you’d support your artist or entrepreneur friends. Buy their work. Share their posts. Validate their efforts. After all, sex work is real work.

Thank you to Escorts and Babes for sponsoring this post!

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