The Tenga Flex: A Dick Hug in a Tube

Although I may have an innie set of genitals rather than an outie set, strokers fascinate me. Little squishy tubes of happiness for your dick? Sign me (well, sign my be-penised partner) up! Masturbation sleeves are fairly new to us. So far we’ve tried the Fleshlight Quickshot, a handful of Tenga Eggs, and the Hot Octopuss Pulse III (review coming soon!). We also use strokers a little differently than many folks, in that my partner rarely uses strokers on his own. While I am happy to jam a vibrator against my bits, he prefers his plain ol’ hand for solo expeditions to avoid the effort of cleanup or the anxiety of his roommate stumbling upon a rogue sex toy. As a result, strokers are a joint activity for us, usually paired with a little butt stuff or kinky things, and the Tenga Flex fits that role wonderfully.


Check out that neato cheato drying stand!

The Tenga Flex is a sleek little non-anatomical stroker that sets itself apart from the rest with it’s twisty spiral casing that results in a tight suction-y feeling when in use. It comes in two styles. The one in white contains a softer, less textured sleeve, while the one in black has a firmer, more textured sleeve. Both are reusable, made out of elastomer, and around 7” in length. They also feature a super cool drying stand which comes in mighty handy to keep the dust off of the freshly washed sleeves!

Although my partner often has quite the role in toy testing (you know, especially toys for particular body parts that I lack), I do the writing. This can make things a little complicated in terms of communicating his thoughts, and in this case, resulted in simultaneously jacking him off with one of these tubes around his peen and interviewing him on his thoughts while taking mental notes. I never thought I was very good at multitasking, but hey, here we are.

The two sleeves are definitely different, and he found himself enjoying the softer, less textured white one more so than the black one. The gentle suction squeezing is lovely, and wonderfully intensifies as you move from the base of the peen to the sensitive head. It’s like a dick hug in a tube; you can definitely feel how the toy tightens around the shaft and tip. Contrary to the white sleeve, using the black stroker for an extended amount of time proved to be overstimulating and we had to hit pause for a hot second. The black stroker is definitely more intensely textured, and when it comes to my partner’s sensitive fella, it makes more sense on why he enjoys the white stroker significantly more.

To get the suction feeling from the spiral casing, you need to cover the little hole at the top of the stroker when your whole dick is inside. This causes a sort of vacuum in the tube, which results in tightening as the stroker is moved from the base of the peen to the tip, where it squeezes magnificently. Covering this little hole not only intensifies pleasure, it makes the toy quieter, too. In fact, if the hole is left uncovered we find the slurpy, squelchy noises to be a bit too distracting.

The Flex in “Silky White” has become our go-to masturbator for pairing with pegging or other anal play, kink, or just using it on it’s own when we’re feelin’ lazy and hand-jobby. As a bonus, these toys are pretty affordable for a reusable stroker, and usually sell for under $40. If you enjoy firm, textured strokers, the black one is for you, and if you like soft, smooth strokers, the white one is a good choice! Either way, I can confidently recommend these unique penis toys!

Thank you to the lovely folks at Tenga for sending us the Flex for an honest review!

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