Hey there, I’m Sammi!

I’m a twenty something college student in pursuit of pleasure. I blog about sex, mainly sex toys and my own adventures. I am a queer cis lady, and currently I am dating a lovely cis male human named Simon who will probably be making frequent mentions in these posts. We have been venturing into the world of kink and BDSM for several months now and are always exploring.

Why “Squeaky Bedsprings”?

I chose my blog title first of all for the classic noise of these TINY FUCKING TWIN SIZE COLLEGE BEDS WHY MUST YOU BE SO LOUD AND ANNOYING? But more importantly, to banish the illusion that sex is always romantic and graceful and smooth. To me, sex isn’t sex without giggling at the fart that ruins the moment, accidentally kicking your lover in the face, or those DAMN SQUEAKY BEDSPRINGS. Sex is often messy and clumsy and has so many different meanings to different people that it should be celebrated as such, and not edited, photo-shopped, and made up to fit one specific image of unattainable perfection.

How I got involved

I got involved in sex positivity and education as a sophomore in high school. I had just started “messing around” with my first boyfriend, a process that had both of us fumbling around with no idea how to navigate a vulva. I took to the internet searching for help for my lack of pleasure. What started as a curiosity slowly turned into a passion as I learned about everything: human anatomy, sexuality, gender, and different types of relationships, STIs, prevention, birth control, different kinks, sex acts, sex toys, and lifestyles. I’ve been inspired by youtubers like educator Laci Green and sexologist Lindsey Doe, as well as numerous lovely people in the sex blogging community. As someone who never had any sort of sex-ed at all in high school, educating others about sex is important to me. I’ve come to a point in my life where I am seriously contemplating a career in sexual health education because so much is wrong with sex-ed in schools. I don’t know how exactly to change it, but I know so many other people are working towards change and I’d love to be part of that effort.

I decided to start blogging after influencing two of my friends to buy their first vibrators. After telling me they didn’t know how to masturbate and being uncomfortable with it, we took a morning trip after brunch to our local sex shop, they each picked one out, and a few days later, they texted me back with so much excitement about their toys and newfound confidence. It was rewarding to be able to point someone in the right direction to help them discover themselves and help them overcome personal boundaries and perceived stigma. Sex is something I get really excited about, and if you’re here that means you must at least be curious too!