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Although I may have an innie set of genitals rather than an outie set, strokers fascinate me. Little squishy tubes of happiness for your dick? Sign me (well, sign my be-penised partner) up! Masturbation sleeves are fairly new to us. So far we’ve tried the Fleshlight Quickshot, a handful of Tenga Eggs, and the Hot Octopuss Pulse III (review coming soon!). We also use strokers a little differently than many folks, in that my partner rarely uses strokers on his own. While I am happy to jam a vibrator against my bits, he prefers his plain ol’ hand for solo expeditions to avoid the effort of cleanup or the anxiety of his roommate stumbling upon a rogue sex toy. As a result, strokers are a joint activity for us, usually paired with a little butt stuff or kinky things, and the Tenga Flex fits that role wonderfully.

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