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I have friends who do all sorts of things for their jobs. One such babe plays with and inspects dirt for a living. One bakes for an entire student body. A few are teachers, a few are business bitches, and some sell nudes and perform cam shows and have sex. Yup, I have friends who are sex workers, and you might too.

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So you’ve decided you want to have a threesome. You’ve talked with your partner about boundaries, safer sex protocols, wants, and needs. Now you’re staring at your screen trying to figure out how to craft the perfect dating site profile for a couple in search of a fabled unicorn. Perhaps you’ve already been clicking around OkCupid, swiping on Tinder, or perusing My Sex Hookups. Maybe you are the fabled unicorn and you’re sick and tired of rolling your eyes at these less-than-polite couples.

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talk after sex

In a good book, the story has an introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, and a conclusion. Sex should be no different! Good sex should have the introduction of consent, the rising action of increased arousal and pleasure, and the climax of, well, climax. The classic film portrayal of two people in bed breathing heavily seems to be decent falling action, but what many people don’t see in their sex lives is a good conclusion. My favorite way to “conclude” sex is with a quality conversation about what just happened. For people who practice BDSM and kink, this can be considered a type of aftercare, but even vanilla-identifying folks can benefit from talking about their just-finished sexcapade. Communication with your sex-buddy in general will improve your romps by leaps and bounds, but the conversation can be even better when what just happened is still fresh in your minds. These tips are mostly tailored to those having recurring sex with someone, whether they are dating, friends with benefits, hooking up, or any other sort of sex-buddy. 

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Are you a kinky DIY lover? Do you like being restrained or putting someone else in restraints? Do you have $7? Then this tutorial might be for you! Simon and I were searching the market for a low priced set of restraint cuffs and other BDSM goods when we decided to just go to the hardware store to see what we could find and get creative with. On that trip we discovered a fantastic little cost effective way to tie someone up!